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There’s a whole world of possibilities out there for your next luxury holiday. With Revere Travel, you can choose from amazing destinations in all seven continents, staying in properties handpicked by our specialists. From luxury hotels by the ocean and beautiful chalets in the Alps, to tented camps on African plains and eco retreats in the mountains, we can take you almost anywhere. Whether you want an exciting adventure across several destinations, or a relaxing holiday in an exclusive and secluded hideaway, we can arrange it for you. Wherever you want to go, your holiday will be tailor-made to fit.


European Holiday Destinations


Europe is a land of fabulous natural beauty and home to a vibrant mix of people, cultures and traditions. Truly a continent of fascinating contradictions, here you can find both historic capitals with sensational museums and galleries and rustic island villages where time stands still, glittering coastal resorts and empty coves, sunny winter retreats and superb snowfields, tiny principalities and dynamic cities. There's plenty to delight your taste buds too, from the finest wines to some of the world's most delicious cuisines and the freshest local produce ripened by the Mediterranean sun.Read More


North America & Caribbean Holiday Destinations

North America & Caribbean

Vast, varied and exhilarating, that’s why we at Revere Travel love North America. With its mind-boggling diversity of peoples, landscapes and climates, North America really does have something for everyone. In a single week, you could be dogsledding under the Northern Lights, sipping Zinfandel in a California vineyard, and relaxing under a swaying Hawaiian palm, or taking in one of the East coast cities before getting enjoyable soaked at the great Niagara Falls, then gasping as a killer whale surfaces off Vancouver Island.Read More


Asian Holiday Destinations


Asia is tantalising sensory overload of contrasting flavours, sights and smells you won’t find anywhere else. It is a continent where communist states lie alongside democratic republics and kingdoms, where Colonial landmarks jostle for attention with skyscrapers and ancient temples, where vast mountains meet hot desert sands and lush jungle meets gorgeous beaches and tropical waters. At Revere Travel we love Asia for the warmth of its people, its spirituality, fantastic shopping and not forgetting some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts.Read More


south america

Central & South America

Here at Revere Travel we can offer the best of what Central and South America have to offer, from tours to Machu Picchu in Peru to luxury holidays in Brazil, Mayan temples in Mexico and wildlife holidays to Costa Rica Mexico, its colonial towns, plunging gorges, tropical jungle and blissful beaches possess a wealth of alluring treats for travellers. There is so much to see here. From dense jungle, towering volcanoes, huge reefs, lakes and magnificent wildlife, to fascinating cities, ancient Mayan ruins, temples and step pyramids, this region is rich with life and spectacle.Read More


Middle East, India & Indian Ocean Holiday Destinations

Middle East, India & Indian Ocean

The Middle East is one of the 21st century's must-visit destinations, providing the traveller with stark contrasts, from the modern cities of the Emirates, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the traditional Bedouin way of life in the desert; from Oman’s wadis, lush oases in the middle of the desert to the beauty of Muscat, lying between the mountains and the Arabian Sea. The Middle East provides something for everyone, take a desert safari either on four wheels or four legs, shop till you positively drop, or even ski!Read More


African Holiday Destinations


Here at Revere Travel we love the continent of Africa, noted for its incredible contrasts of scenery encompassing lush jungle, parched savannah and endless desert, a visit to Africa used to be the ultimate holiday of a lifetime; today with increased flight options its becoming a destination many return to again and again and again. Africa is about epic wildlife, walking in the footsteps of explorers, majestic landscapes and the fascinating people that bring it all alive. You'll find world-class museums and iconic monuments like the Sphinx and the Pyramids in Egypt.Read More


Australasia & South Pacific Holiday Destinations

Australasia & South Pacific

If you are looking for adventure you will love the amazing diversity on offer in Australia and New Zealand and the warm welcome that accompanies it. Whether it is endless wide open spaces, rugged wilderness and spectacular mountains or modern cities and beaches that stretch on for miles, or a mixture of both, Australasia has no end of possibilities. Since their discovery in the eighteenth century, the South Pacific islands have stunned visitors with their natural tropical beauty and warm hospitality. At Revere Travel we are only too happy to create a bespoke itinerary for you.Read More

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