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Japan is a fascinating balance of modernism and tradition, from the high-tech city of Tokyo to the magnificent natural spectacle of Mount Fuji. With Revere Travel, explore this unique destination full of energy, sophistication, culture and dramatic scenery.

Tokyo is an exciting city of bustling squares such as Shinjuku, flashing neon, high-rise department stores, noodle bars and top class hotels including the Park Hyatt (famously featured in Lost in Translation). Also worth visiting are the Imperial Palace gardens and Tsukiji Fish Market. From the bright lights of Tokyo it’s just a short bullet train ride to Kyoto, the ancient imperial capital which is still considered by many to be the cultural heart of Japan. Here you can explore the famous Geisha district and hundreds of shrines and temples or wonder at the jaw-droppingly beautiful gardens. From here it is worth visiting Japan's most beautiful castle Himeji-jo. Just 90 minutes southwest of Tokyo, the magnificent Mount Fuji is an impressive sight, which can be visited along with the beautiful Hakone National Park, famous for its geothermal onsen (hot springs). There is a fantastic cable car ride from Mount Soun-zan, which in good weather conditions offers superb views of Mount Fuji, at the bottom you can take a cruise on the beautiful Lake Ashino-ko.

Hiroshima has become a vibrant city in recent years however a visit to the A Bomb Dome and Museum offers an intriguing insight into the devastating events surrounding the attack on the city in 1946; the Peace Memorial Park also offers travellers a thought-provoking and sobering experience. The picturesque Miyajima Island is a short ferry journey from Hiroshima and is well worth a visit. As the ferry approaches the island the famous red Shinto shrine appears to float on the sea. There are numerous temples, shrines and narrow cobbled alleys to explore, this is a good place to experience traditional Japanese hospitality and stay in a ryokan.

In Nagano Prefecture, the Japanese Alps feature some of Japan's most dramatic scenery and picturesque rural villages. The area is also famous for its many onsen resorts, the most famous of which is the Jigokudani Onsen, "Hell Valley Hot Springs", in Yudanaka, where you can see wild monkeys gathering to bathe in the natural hot pools. The main hub of the area is the laid-back town of Takayama, whose numerous hillside shrines make it a great place for hiking. Japan has many famous festivals, including the Aoi Festival in Kyoto, which dates back to the 6th century, and the Toshogu Festival in Nikko, which features a procession of over 1,000 people dressed as Samurai. Kyoto's largest festival, the Gion Festival, spans the entire month of July and is crowned by a beautiful parade, the Yama-boko Junko. October's Jidai Festival commemorates the founding of Kyoto. During cherry blossom season, locals gather below trees to celebrate the beautiful flowering of the trees, and seemingly everything turns pink, with themed chocolate, beer and clothing hitting the shops. There are even ‘sakura (blossom) forecasts’ with pink dots covering maps of Japan on television and in the daily newspapers.

This eclectic, colourful country is a Revere Travel favourite and must be seen to be believed.

Key Information

Time difference: GMT +9 hours

Language: Japanese

Capital: Tokyo

Currency: Yen

Flight time: Approx 12 hours

Visa: (UK passport holders) – Check (entry requirements)

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