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From Istanbul’s bazaars and mosques, to Bodrum’s blissful coastline, Turkey is awash with history, culture and outstanding natural beauty. Bordered by eight countries, this diverse and fascinating country is a gateway between East and West, full of Roman architecture, Byzantine art and Ottoman Palaces.

Istanbul is a vibrant mix of Western and Eastern cultures; with beautiful old mosques and mystical bazaars, mixed with luxurious hotels, funky bars and restaurants. Why not combine the striking architecture of the Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul with the natural wonders of the spa town of Pamukkale and the remarkable classical sites of Aphrodisias and Ephesus. Other areas to visit include the archaeological ruins at Troy, the Devrent Valley and the twin peaks of Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. The coast around Bodrum is made up of small coves and islands, changing to long sandy stretches of beach around Antalya.

The true East meets West destination, so allow Revere Travel to combine Turkey with either your European or Asian holiday. Or simple enjoy as a country on its own.

Key Information

Time difference: GMT +2 Hours

Language: Turkish

Capital: Ankara

Currency: Turkish Lira

Flight time: Approx 4 hours (approx.)

Visa: (UK passport holders) – Check (entry requirements)

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